Tricia Powell Addresses the Calvert County Department of Finance and Budget

Tricia Powell at Calvert County Budget Town Hall

Tricia Powell

In preparation for building the 2018 budget, the Department of Finance and Budget hosted a public town hall in order to present county residents the opportunity to weigh in on the budget process and ask questions or offer suggestions as to the 2018 budget structure.

Tricia spoke to the representatives from the Finance and Budget Department about the need for a Citizen Review Committee to give the public a better chance to examine and effect the Calvert County Budget. While Tricia appreciated the steps recently taken to make the budget process marginally more transparent, she heavily emphasized the need for more and deeper engagement with the public. Tricia Powell is committed to transparency in all levels of government, and will continue to push for more transparent processes.


Address to Calvert County Democratic Club

Tricia Powell

Tricia Powell had a chance to address the Calvert County Democratic Club on Tuesday night, August 29th, at Adam’s Taphouse in Prince Frederick. She spoke about the issues that mean the most for her: the Dominion safety study and evacuation plan, education and fair contracts for educators, and the opioid epidemic which has effected so many here in Calvert County.

The focus of the meeting was on VoteBuilder, the Maryland voter database which will become an essential tool for the Democratic Party in 2018. Tricia was able to inform the group that she already has access to the database, and is happy to extend that access for anyone in the group. Contact her: for more information.



Tricia Filed for County Commissioner District 1 Campaign

Tricia Powell

On Friday, Tricia and husband Mel along with several supporters went down to the Calvert County Election Board to officially submit her intentions to seek the District 1 County Commissioner Seat in 2018. Amidst the excitement, Tricia explained why she was running:

"We Can Do Better! We need better leadership on the Board of Commissioners. Someone who questions County government spending.

"We Can Do Better! To help our family members, friends, and neighbors suffering with substance abuse disorders here in Calvert County.

"We Can Do Better! To ensure our citizens benefit from any joint ventures created by the Board of County Commissioners.

"Together, We Can Do Better for Calvert County!"


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