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Tricia PowellTricia Powell has been a resident of Calvert County for twenty-one years and lives in Lusby. Her professional background is Health Care Administrator and Chief Financial Officer. Most importantly, Tricia has also worked in County government, specifically in environmental management services, Public Works and Fire. During her stay in county government Tricia successfully developed cost effective programs, conducted legislative impact studies and prepared and monitored million dollar budgets in direct support of the County Commissioners.


In the last ten years Tricia Powell served several terms as an elected member the Drum Point Property Owner’s Association Board. In that capacity Tricia was:


Ø Instrumental in reducing the Special Tax District fees by %66.0 in an effort to stop the Board from hiding funds from the public.


Ø a key player in stopping the building of breakwater barriers in the Chesapeake Bay that would have had a negative impact on properties along the shoreline.


“My desire to be a County Commissioner is based on the fact that I love Calvert County’s rural setting and the people. As a Commissioner first and foremost, I will listen to the residents of Calvert County, closely watch County budget practices and spending to keep taxes down, make sure residents are benefiting directly from dollars received from Dominion and not County staff, help fight the opioid crisis, work to improve the relationship between the County and the teachers and watch-dog Dominion to insure that our residents are safe.

Tricia Powell

Ø I believe that having teachers that are treated fairly and paid competitively, thereby keeping their morale up, will lead to a low turnover rate, sound education and happier children.


Ø I am skeptical about the Dominion contract especially because it appears to benefit the Dominion people and County staff more than the residents of Calvert County. Also, are our residents really safe? The current Board of Commissioners should be watchdogging Dominion.


Ø Washington D.C. is among those states leading in teenage drug abuse. The proximity of this should scare us all. We need to expand our drug treatment programs and share resources to overcome this crisis.”


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