Issues Statement

Tricia Powell for County Commissioner believes that We Can Do Better!


Drug addiction is rampant throughout the United States. In fact, areas with the highest rate of drug abuse included Colorado, Vermont, Oregon, Deleware, Rhode Island and, of all places, Washington D.C.! This is only a few miles north of Calvert. This is too close for comfort.


Tricia recognizes the addiction issue and will aggressively respond by working towards expanding our treatment options, supporting law enforcement and increasing funding in the area of Mental Health. 


We Can Do Better!


Tricia has lived in Calvert for 22 years and was attracted to Calvert County because it’s the rural setting. She believes that smart growth leads to a good quality of life for all residents. She believes in managing the amount, location and rate of residential growth; preserving our farmland, forests, historic resources; protecting our environmentally sensitive lands; developing town centers that are pleasing to look at and yet convenient to the surrounding community; directing and monitoring commercial and industrial uses of appropriate land locations; and directing residential growth to include housing available for all ages and economic levels.


In summary, Tricia’s goal is to preserve the rural character of Calvert County and to enhance the quality of life for all residents. She feels strongly about protecting and maintaining our natural resources, farming regions and promoting our County as a destination for vacationing and retiring.



We Can Do Better!


Our children are our future and this is why we need to make sure we have an excellent education system where we work to retain our superior teachers, where special education programs are strong, minority teachers are aggressively recruited, and where we continue building equity into the way we educate our students. Collectively we need to recruit and retain the best teachers, invest in early childhood education, lower class sizes and aggressively expand and improve afterschool activities particularly to accommodate latchkey youth. Most importantly, we need a Board of Calvert County Commissioners who understand and are sensitive to the difference between raises and steps relative to compensating our teachers.


We Can Do Better!


Transportation is a growing issue in our County. Traffic has more than doubled in Calvert County over the last few decades. Currently there is a high level of commuting that causes traffic congestion each weekday morning and evening. Signals at the North-end of Prince Frederick on Route 2/4 contribute to the congestion thereby increasing fuel consumption and traffic delays. Making things worse are congestion and traffic delays at the South end of the County at Route 4 where the mouth of the bridge leads into St. Mary’s County. Increase of traffic due to Dominion and the synchronization of the stoplights on the St. Mary’s County side of the bridge in large part have caused this particular problem.


Tricia believes our efforts need to be on maintaining Maryland Routes 4 and 2/4 to keep the flow of traffic timely, efficient and safe. We need to do more in the area of public transit to attract use of this service. We also need to focus on maintaining a finance program that insures sound construction and improvements as needed. Finally, we should have a county-wide transportation planning program that takes into account not only State and regional planning but also takes into account the impact that any commercial development will have on traffic patterns.


We Can Do Better!

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