Notes from the Audience at Tricia Powell's Meet and Greet

Tricia Powell"Tricia Powell is running for County Commissioner of Calvert County's District 1! Recently, she held her first, successful, and well attended "Meet and Greet" with the constituents of C.C. Her platform points that she brought before those attending are listed:

1. Budget!- Her expertise is in BUDGET! She has a history of rallying for transparency in local government. No, hiding of funds from the residency. She proposes smarter ways to utilize and manage the budget of Calvert.

2. Smart Economic Growth- She proposes a economic growth program that benefits ALL stakeholders of Calvert while protecting the integrity of appearance and the environment.

3. Addiction Crisis: She recognizes the crisis. She proposes research based and effective post treatment programs for the addicts and support for families.

4. Education: She proposes to "improve and strengthen" our special education program. She wants aggressiveness in equitable and best teacher recruitment processes to draw the best teachers to Calvert. In that, she proposes that is necessary to have a Commission that knows the difference between steps and raises. That is the proponent that will drive retaining the best educators here in Calvert.

5. Dominion Issues- Tricia says, "NO!" to more pollutants. It is in her best interest to protect the safety of the residents!

6. The Thomas Johnson Bridge- Tricia is concerned about the safety of the bridge. Calvert has grown extensively since the 70's. She desires to use her position as Commissioner to push government to replace and/or expand to accommodate usage and Calvert's growth.

7. Youth- By example, she is utilizing the gifts of our county's youth to prepare them with the experience necessary to be leaders and to be effective within society. Our youth's gifts need to return to Calvert and together build our future!"