Statement from Tricia on Budget Town Hall

"I attended the Public Town Hall hosted by the Calvert County Finance Department this past Thursday evening at Calvert Pines Senior Center. I was disappointed that none of the County Commissioners were in attendance. What were they thinking?! This is grassroots level where they had the opportunity to interact with the public on an extremely important issue.

The budget process itself, headed by Terri Shannon and Tim Hayden, is administratively outstanding. However, given the County Commissioners lack of transparency, a community budget advisory committee seems not only important but necessary. This advisory committee could do four things: first, the committee on behalf of the community would see the "behind the scenes" budget process and get a better understanding of what it takes to prepare and complete a budget; second, this would allow the committee to see back office budget operations which will create transparency at a greater level; third, the committee will get a better understanding of the budget decisions; and last, it would give the community a vehicle for input into the budget.

When I am elected I will push for more government transparency and for more community participation in the budget process and in policy making."